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American Independence Image Collection

We’re pleased to present a new photographic campaign designed to promote America's domestic energy resources. The images are available for licensing and as prints in different sizes. The opportunity to make this collection available is important in helping to advance America’s energy independence because a strong, smart and effective pro American energy independence message is absent in the fight over the utilization of our own energy resources. Effective messaging is integral in helping America achieve energy independence, so this series has been developed in an effort to help sway public opinion in a unique way - with compelling, artistic photographs and hard hitting, no nonsense headlines that will cause people to take notice in an effort to drive home the pro energy independence message. These visuals have a strong, motivational component and would make the perfect addition to the walls of energy companies, law firms or financial institutions working in the energy sector, or any other business or home of supporters of our country’s energy independence. Prints from this collection are available in various sizes, can be purchased as prints alone, window matted or framed prints. The visuals can also be supplied / printed without the headlines. All materials used are fully archival and just like our energy supply, will last generations.

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